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Our Mission

New Beginnings is a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established under Priority One Kids Network of America #1. Our organization aims to assist unemployed individuals undergoing a financial crisis and help them return to work by providing them with professional business attire and other accessories.

We plan to help these individuals by providing them with free business attire they can use to dress appropriately for job interviews. They can also rely on our services for dressing for non-office jobs. 

Each individual will be provided with a personal assistant who can understand their needs and requirements and help them meet their attire goals. The organization will also offer preparation and training for job interviews, allowing job hunters to improve their chances of success.

Besides this, the Company will be distributing clothes to homeless individuals for free. We will also be providing services that allow them access to a clean, functional shower that can be used before they put on the clothes provided.

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