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About Us

About the Organization

New Beginnings is a non-profit organization that aims to help low-income individuals between the ages of 16 to 65 years old who have suffered during the Coronavirus pandemic and are struggling to find employment again. The organization will operate as a non-profit storefront stocking clothes and accessories donated by the local community. Unemployed individuals can utilize these clothes and accessories and appear for job interviews in professional business attire to leave a positive impression on their prospective employers. They can also utilize these clothing items to start building their professional wardrobe for work In this case, we invite people to return to our store for more clothing items they can wear once they get the job. They can keep returning until they receive their first paycheck and can use it to buy clothes.

Besides professional business attire, the storefront will feature clothes and accessories for non-office jobs. Each individual can also seek help from a personal assistant in selecting suitable clothes as per their needs and requirements. This feature is designed to help young workers who are new to the job hunt process and unaware of how to present themselves in a professional environment. To maximize the effectiveness of our efforts, New Beginnings will also offer training sessions that can help people prepare for job interviews. We will share valuable insights relating to the job search process and guide individuals on how to get through a professional job interview successfully. These training sessions will cover topics such as body language and non-verbal communication, common interview questions (HR and technical), providing interview templates and conducting mock interviews, etc.

Altogether, these efforts can allow unemployed individuals to feel more confident and improve their chances of success.

The storefront will be modeled as a boutique. It will be operational 6 days a week. The management will also be going out in the local community once a week to provide clothing to homeless individuals. To this end, Denise Carattini also plans to partner with a business associate. The associate in question owns a van with a shower installed inside. Homeless individuals can use these facilities to shower before being provided with clean clothes.

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About The Founder

Managed by Denise Carattini, the Company will be employing a team of qualified individuals with the necessary retail experience required to effectively execute our vision. We will also be hiring people that have worked with non-profit organizations previously and can add value to the team by promoting our efforts and garnering support from the community.

The non-profit requires over $50,000 in funds to establish its operations and achieve its goals. The pursuit and achievement of our objectives can allow us to help individuals who have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic and lack the resources to get back on their feet. It can assist unemployed individuals by making the job search process easier and help them improve their quality of life.   

New Beginnings will be led by its CEO and founder, Denise Carattini. She is also the founder of the Priority One Kids Network of America.

Ms. Carattini holds several years of experience in business management. She also holds degrees in business and accounting. Her knowledge and experience have allowed her to streamline business operations in the past to ensure continuity.

In the past, Ms. Caratinni has received multiple awards for her professional achievements. She received the Best Women-owned Business Award in Monterey County in 2006 for Kidz Play Inc. In 2014, she also received the Martin Luther King Working Women Award.

Her achievements are a testament to her business acumen and her desire to create opportunities for unprivileged individuals in society who lack the resources needed to achieve personal and professional success.